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Espionage, Fantasy, Mystery, Surreal, Satire

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A long spy/fantasy puzzlefest. Somewhat sparse implementation, February 4, 2016

This game is very long and puzzly. You play a spy who has a flashback to a scene taken from Ingold's earlier Mulldoon Legacy. Then you have to break into a house, then are transported to a fantasy land.

The game has a lot of spotty implementation issues, so if you don't type the right thing, you might get stuck (just try opening the crackers!)

The hints leaves huge gaps as well, but perhaps that is for the better, as it makes you think.

Only for hardcore puzzle fans.

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- kala (Finland), December 8, 2012

Baf's Guide

A very strange effort that jumps wildly from genre to genre. It starts out as a detective-style mystery--you're an ex-spy asked to steal some plans from a professor--but quickly turns into something between a farce and a satire, and takes various detours into other realms along the way. There are several clever multi-part, multi-object puzzles along the way, and there are plenty of funny bits, but the whole thing ultimately feels a little disjointed; the game isn't so much a send-up of any particular genre as a grab bag of different settings and conventions, and the player is likely to say "Huh?" a lot. There are a few bugs as well, though they're not major, and there's a hint menu.

-- Duncan Stevens

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