No One Else Is Doing This

by Lauren O'Donoghue

Slice of life

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You're just not feeling it anymore, October 14, 2022

No One Else Is Doing This by Lauren O’Donoghue

This was something different. It is a timed text adventure in which you are going around a neighborhood asking for donations. You have to pick which houses to approach, and then make choices about what to say. You also have to manage restroom breaks, and warm up from the chilly weather occasionally. Can you raise your target goal of funds?

SPOILER: (Spoiler - click to show)The description suggests that the experience is meant to feel like someone losing their passion for something they believed in, but it felt to me like a metaphor for any experience that was once enjoyable, but for whatever reason, it begins to sour. Kind of like how Disney World used to be fun, and now you have to pay for fastpass. It’s really hard to get someone to answer the door in this story, let alone hear you out long enough to convince them to take any action. Maybe the author has had bad experiences with community service projects, but it seems like the game was made to discourage you from getting involved.