What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed

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I'm an idiot but this game is great, March 19, 2023

This was my first IF foray. That being said, it has ignited a love of these games for me.
I found the storytelling immensely immersive, and the preface gave me enough information to feel comfortable diving right in.
I played through the game multiple times. I accidentally softlocked myself into being unable to finish the first time through, as I (Spoiler - click to show)set the body ablaze, ran downstairs, LOVE'd into the door handle and used RAGE instead of CONFUSE. For whatever reason I was unable to HATE the handle to jump out of it, since it was on fire. Parser showed no exits, either.
I felt like a total dumdum since the HELP command literally tells you that you can't softlock the game, but as my mom likes to say, "idiot proofing? more like proof I'm an idiot." In this case, I'm sure I did something wrong, so I restarted.
The second time round, I was far more diligent. I used a pad and paper to help myself navigate more easily.
Immense re-playability, though I wish it ended differently. I don't love ending which include (Spoiler - click to show) revenge tales and murder simply because it doesn't feel as satisfying as a happy ending. In this case, I don't necessarily think that a happy ending is possible, but murdering NPCs also seemed unnecessary.

All in all, I liked it. Simple enough for me, but thoughtful enough to be playable twice. A really great intro to the genre, and I look forward to coming back to it when I've got more IF under my belt.

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Amanda Walker, March 20, 2023 - Reply
From the author: Thanks for the great review... and you're not an idiot! There's clearly a bug there. I'll try to track it down and whack it so no one else has to deal with it.

And I'm THRILLED that my game helped you into the world of IF, which are the best games going. Best compliment ever.
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