Fingertips: Fingertips

by Michael D. Hilborn

Episode 18 of Apollo 18 Tribute Album
Science Fiction

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Great Little Puzzler, May 5, 2012
by Joey Jones (UK)

Fingertips: Fingertips is a first class little multi-layered cryptographical puzzler with a richly evoked science fiction setting that neatly makes the one move requirement make sense.

It's the kind of game that you need to write notes on (or uh, at least I did), and has different solutions such that when you find the better solution, the work involved getting there has made it that much more satisfying.

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Joey Jones, February 17, 2013 - Reply
Yeah, there's two solutions (it's been nearly a year so I can't remember exactly how to get to both) but essentially if you put in work to figuring things out then you probably go the better ending.
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