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Joke or Learning Experience?, November 3, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

The game is a short joke game. You forgot to give your game a story. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the author was learning how to use inform7 and this is what he came up with. The one trick pony doesn't do it's trick well- very little is implemented, and the two items you have walk you through the whole thing. (never mind the walkthrough on the game's main page).

Not particularly funny, not particularly memorable, no value in replay. But maybe that's the point- he forgot to give his game a story too.

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NOM3RCY, November 2, 2010 - Reply
Yeah, you got me. I'm very new to Inform 7 and to put it this way, I suck.
But it was also a little joke.
tggdan3, November 3, 2010 - Reply
It's fine that you're learning- that's good. I know what it's like trying to get used to the system.

But you probably don't want to post your test games up here. Give them to friends to try out. Something this short is only done to help yourself learn the system anyway. Once you got it down, work on some regular works, and post those. I'd be happy to see what you come up with.
AmberShards, December 26, 2010 - Reply
I have to agree. The ifdb is a storehouse for real games. That's why when you post test/throwaway efforts here, people think, "This is the best that the author can do," and then they rip the game to shreds.
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