Dead City

by Everbyte

Post Apocalyptic Adventure

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Meh., June 9, 2021

Commercial game, free ad-infested version available.

So the player receives a text message from a girl called Sam. She claims to have found a smartphone with the player's number in the contact list. An unlocked smartphone, nice. Sam's surroundings have been the stage for a zombie invasion, but it can't be that serious, for the player didn't get to know any of that. Or the player didn't watch the news for the past few weeks, who knows, the player character is not fleshed out. Sam is in great danger but finds the time to use correct spelling, grammar and capitalization.

The gameplay is good old CYOA. To answer Sam the player always has two choices. Usually the choice doesn't matter, sometimes the wrong choice kills Sam and moves the player back to the last save point.

Yet another cheap CYOA game. The story ain't bad (apart from the plot holes) and the gameplay concept has potential, hence two stars.