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A must play for every adventurer., January 9, 2022

I am playing the top rated adventures.
When I started to play this game I thought this was a poor one, but afterwards I enjoyed it a lot.

This game is full of details so it is a simulacionist one. You can try any action you think about.
The map is a cave that you can explore it by yourself. You should EXAMINE exhaustively all names in description so there are objets hidden, more or less.

The puzzles are nicely, coloured and logical. There are several ways to reach some actions.

In the heart of the game there are two NPCs, a pig and a gnome:

Taking the pig is the first task but also is untakeable as a fish. You find the pig rather soon, but you aren't able to catch up it untill later. The pig has its own life and seems that it want to do things in its own exploring all things while standing around you. Also the pig has responses to your actions.

The gnome has a personality, patience, acid humor, resignation, that fits perfectly with Grunk's simpler point of view about life. There are many, many things you can ask the gnome, most of which enrich and has no effect on the game, but several ones are major clues. You have to read carefully. There is fun talking about these lot of topics and you can spend currently a lot of time trying to exhaust the topics.

This is a re-playable game because you earn more point as you do the things in a better way. The game is middle-low difficult and some hours of gameplay.

- Jade

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