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Short Review of a great game, February 5, 2017

I wanted to do a short review of Worldsmith - even though I haven't played many text adventures since the Infocom (in my case Level 9) days of the microcomputer. I didn't even know text adventures were still around till my son discovered this on itchio and told me it was something I might like. I see from this IFDB that the text adventure is still a popular type of game.

I lost myself for three weeks playing Worldsmith. The text adventure seems to have come a long way. Despite having had some difficulty at the opening puzzle in which I am creating worlds and life on those worlds, I eventually, with the judicious use of saves, succeeded in the test and was into the game proper.

I strongly recommend players consider the use of advanced worldbuilding commands like placing moons, terraforming and dust to strengthen life and worlds! When I discovered these and paid attention to the text about my lifeforms and worlds, things became so much easier.

At the start, you get a lot of information in the form of a book called the Incunable Valerius. It is like an encyclopedia and is full of useful information on how to manage your solar system. It's also full of interesting snippets about the history of the Septem Tower. I found myself reading it all even though alot of it isn't relevant at the start of the game.

After the first worldbuilding puzzle, you are then into the game proper. I don't know what the etiquette is about giving anything away in reviews, so I won't say much. Suffice to say this second half of the game is extremely impressive, with a complicated plot and many many puzzles. Some of them are very hard indeed but fortunately the game links to a hints page. They all seemed to be logical though and made alot of sense.

The final part of the game contains to surprising twists and really cleverly links back right to the start. I really liked playing this game and I hope I can find more like it!

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Doug Orleans, February 6, 2017 - Reply
FYI, you are welcome to give things away in your review, as long as you use the <spoiler> tag to hide any spoilers:
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