The Blood Lust Warrior

by Zorkfire Games


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Broken and underimplemented, February 13, 2023
by Scrooge200 (Backwater, Vermont)

The most intriguing thing about this game is its title. Don't be fooled; it's a generic fantasy game with nothing notable about it, and it's full of bugs that prevent you from even beating it. The writing is brief and riddled with spelling errors ("There are faint crunching noises coming from the cave to the east, but most likely it is a ZOMBY."). You'll also be lucky to come across anything that has a description, and they're rarely useful (two "potions" that I took from a witch told me nothing until I tried drinking them).

When the game starts, you're pitted against an elf named Eromix. However, you can walk away and do other stuff rather than fight him. And you'll realize that there's not much to see; characters have minimal interaction, and some rooms have nothing of interest.

Battles, which run on the "Inform ATTACK" extension by Victor Gijsbers, aren't fun or varied because of the game's format. Every weapon is a straight upgrade from the last, and you have no way of seeing their stats. Some enemies will also always attack when they reach two concentration, making it even more railroaded. There's no challenge to them, and even the titular "Blood Lust warrior" at the end of the game died in three hits. He didn't even have a description.

There's also a "hidden door" that, despite being mentioned along with the "you can go..." directions, cannot be entered or opened in any way. A certain enemy you can kill is always described as "running about" in the static room description. The "X" you have to dig up on the island also can't be interacted with, since the only interaction is for "searching the X," which doesn't work properly.

I peeked into the source code out of curiosity, and it explains a lot of this game's janky moments. I found that one enemy flat-out does nothing due to a spelling error. He's defined as "a duerger called Dridennan", but everything initializing his stats and items calls him Dradennan. Neither spelling will work on him in the game, so while you can "see" him, he remains motionless and can't be interacted with. Even the way you're supposed to get back from the island, typing "xyzzy", isn't implemented properly. The actual command you have to type is "xyzzzy" (despite what the game tells you) and it's set to apply to an object. Attempting to use it on anything won't work, so you're basically stuck, and there's no way to win the game.

This game is a broken mess with repetitive gameplay, vague descriptions, and a lack of a notable story or characters. You can't even finish the thing properly. Skip this one.