Leap Time

by Sarah Morayati


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A gem of a game – short and beautiful, July 28, 2012
by Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway)

You are (literally) a star, ready for your first, short visit to Earth, where perhaps you will be able to fulfill one person’s wish, before finally taking your place in the night sky. It’s a sweet story, only made better by the game’s truly beautiful writing, transporting you into a world made magical – if only for a short leap second.

I have played both the original Speed-IF entry and release 2. The second release has some improvements that should make the gameplay smoother, but there are still a few minor bugs. These are mostly related to the way the game responds if you try to do things out of order, or try to repeat an action, and you will probably not encounter any of them. In any case, none of them puts the game into an unwinnable state; they only make parts of the dialogue appear somewhat strange.

The game is easy and short – but with three possible endings – and the truly excellent writing makes it a joy to play (a transcript of the game might even work as a short fairy tale). I very much recommend it.