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Interesting, spooky, June 30, 2019

The graphics and music are spooky; and the puzzles are good, though none of them were especially amazing.

This game describes itself as a "limited parser" game, but I think I disagree. "Limited parser" games typically have a very small and explicitly enumerated list of verbs, (often including "use") but this game supports dozens of verbs, most of which are undocumented, and some of which are required to win.

There are so many verbs that at times the game has bugs when you use the wrong verb to do the intended action. (Spoiler - click to show)You have to put the key in the lock; you can't unlock the lock with the key, even though "unlock" is a valid verb. This sort of bug basically never happens in limited-parser games; you'd just "use key on lock" because that's the only verb that could possibly work.

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