Madness & the Minotaur

by Spectral Associates


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- PCBToxin (Jacksonville, FL), February 18, 2019

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After 36 years...STILL MADNESS!!!, January 31, 2017

Playing it again after my Coco went to the dump 20 years ago. I had no idea how insidious this game was till I found it as an emulated game!

GET IT ON! I have 10 of 240 points and the Minotaur is in my jockstrap again... already!!!

My memories of such a wonderful game are vindicated! Da basturds!!!

CRUEL...EVIL...WONDERFUL!!! Get back into it!!!

As ZORK said...Your imagination is the best graphics!!!

And did I mention DIA-FRIGGIN-BOLICAL!!!??!!!?!!?!?

As text adventure connoisseurs, imagine this:
An eighty-something year old man, sitting in his arm chair, smoking a Meerschaum pipe...loaded with who-knows-what-in-this-day-and-age...smugly thinking..."Hee hee the young whippersnappers with all their computer smarts...Hee he heeeee... Little bastridges!"

I LOVE the old man...a BILL GATES of his era!

(I hope someone...anyone reads this...since I'm close to that guys age. See you soon in the infinite hereafter =^)

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An underrated classic, September 22, 2013

I know that there is a lot of hate on this game for its extremely difficult game play. I find it to be quite an enjoyable and that it is a must play for any text adventure gamers out in the world of gaming. It's a classic with large mazes, many wonderful enemies to do battle with, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you take on the Minotaur. The engine is well written and the sense of accomplishment is greatly high when you defeat the monster and beat the game. A must play for all.

- Pseudo_Intellectual (Vancouver, Canada), October 25, 2007

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