Madness & the Minotaur

by Tom Rosenbaum


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An underrated classic, September 22, 2013

I know that there is a lot of hate on this game for its extremely difficult game play. I find it to be quite an enjoyable and that it is a must play for any text adventure gamers out in the world of gaming. It's a classic with large mazes, many wonderful enemies to do battle with, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you take on the Minotaur. The engine is well written and the sense of accomplishment is greatly high when you defeat the monster and beat the game. A must play for all.

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Victor Gijsbers, September 22, 2013 - Reply
Can you explain how something with large mazes -- probably the single most hated thing in interactive fiction -- is nonetheless a "must play for all"?
MAD DYNAN! I know where your virgins are!, January 31, 2017 - Reply
I remember, even without new maps, that I had mapped the mazes through logic, tenacity, much erasure, and threat of divorce! Hell...I still got MADNESS AND THE MINOTAUR...not the ex!

Don't be lazy. It's worth the effort...IF you have the time to spare. I just babysat my grandson for three it's MADNESS!!!
theqbasicwizard, September 27, 2013 - Reply
Cause it makes one have to think!
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