Madness & the Minotaur

by Spectral Associates


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After 36 years...STILL MADNESS!!!, January 31, 2017

Playing it again after my Coco went to the dump 20 years ago. I had no idea how insidious this game was till I found it as an emulated game!

GET IT ON! I have 10 of 240 points and the Minotaur is in my jockstrap again... already!!!

My memories of such a wonderful game are vindicated! Da basturds!!!

CRUEL...EVIL...WONDERFUL!!! Get back into it!!!

As ZORK said...Your imagination is the best graphics!!!

And did I mention DIA-FRIGGIN-BOLICAL!!!??!!!?!!?!?

As text adventure connoisseurs, imagine this:
An eighty-something year old man, sitting in his arm chair, smoking a Meerschaum pipe...loaded with who-knows-what-in-this-day-and-age...smugly thinking..."Hee hee the young whippersnappers with all their computer smarts...Hee he heeeee... Little bastridges!"

I LOVE the old man...a BILL GATES of his era!

(I hope someone...anyone reads this...since I'm close to that guys age. See you soon in the infinite hereafter =^)