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Dark and darker, January 24, 2021
by Ogre (A Cave)

For me, this was a tough read. And no, not just because of the content. The layout was horribly distracting for me. Each page had 1-3 sentences on it. I guess that was for effect, but if Iím going to read a story, Iíd like to read it, not spend more time clicking ďnext.Ē But also, the font changed on pages. I think this was for speech, but it wasnít clear, was really distracting, and really would have been so much clearer if there were simple quotation marks. The fact that all the short lines were centered on the page added a little more difficulty for me as well.

While there were options in the story, there were not a lot, and few seemed to have much of an effect on the story. I see that this story won a lot of awards, but maybe this just isnít my scene, baby. Indeed, it was dark and just kept getting darker. And maybe if I had analyzed a lot more later into the story, I would have seen choices that made a difference, but it honestly wasnít all that pleasant for me. Maybe for others who really like horror with kids, this is something for you. But if you donít, you probably want to skip this one.