McPhee's Cookbook

by HoverDreamer


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Fight Ingredients - Win snacks, January 26, 2024
by manonamora
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Mix one part Cooking Mama and one part Pokemon and you get... McPhee's Cookbook. This was definitely not what I was expecting when being tasked with making Mom's Cheesecake... and yet here I was fighting the ingredients (for my life!).

If you've ever played Pokemon - or any turn-based combat c-rpg games - you'd probably be better off than I was: between balancing my never-lasting health and the extra tough ingredients, I got my behind handed back to me at every turn. It didn't matter how many times I tried to use the Special Moves - aka the Prep - or eat snacks (that I won for doing chores)... Turns out, making cheesecake is not as easy as one think... or I just had *terrible* strategies.

Even if I kept failing (and reloading my saves for a better result), I had a pretty nice time. It's pretty sweet and funny, borderline absurd.

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