My Name is Tara Sue

by Maki Yamazaki

Slice of life

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Do My Choices Matter?, February 22, 2014

I'm a little confused by this. The writing was fine, but the story never really took off; it seems promising at first but never really blossoms into an actual story. It's possible I'm missing the choice that will send me off into a different, more exciting branch, but there's not much incentive to keep hunting for it after a bunch of attempts have ended up in roughly the same spot -- and, frankly, the choices are so opaque it's hard to feel any sense of agency at all.

Even when deliberately trying to avoid the paths I'd already explored, I still ended up with the same game ending event happening in roughly the same way on every play through. (Mild) (Spoiler - click to show)You could make the case that experiencing the same event from the same POV but in different locations counts as multiple endings, but with no epilogue or explanation, it seemed more like padding than anything else. (Major) (Spoiler - click to show)Is there really enough of a difference between walking to a cafe and dying in a pool of vomit outside it vs going home and dying in a pool of vomit to count as two endings? So I'm assuming I only saw two of the ten endings ((Spoiler - click to show)I also managed to die at my desk before vomiting), but I really couldn't figure out how to access any others.

And even when my choices were clearly very consequential, or should have been in the game world ((Spoiler - click to show)opening an email revealing my sister's been kidnapped versus deleting it unread), they didn't seem to make much difference to what happened or to be reflected at all in the ending.

That said, I'd play another game by the author, assuming the setting were more interesting and something exciting happened in it.