Ebony & Ivory's Halloween Party

by M. Nite Chamberlain


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They did the mash (they did the monster mash), November 1, 2020
by jakomo
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The second werewolf-at-a-party game of EctoComp 2020, after Social Lycanthropy Disorder, but this time everyone else is a monster too. A short Twine where you resolve the terrifying and traumatic situation of not having enough pumpkins for the party games. Oh no! The game requires you to wander around chatting with the ghoulish guests, so it's annoying that you only get one conversation choice at a time, and have to go and start the conversation again to pick the other choices. I though this was about to turn into The Great Pumpkin Heist Adventure, but disappointingly you only get to solve one puzzle, then an NPC does the rest for you. It's an easy read, the low stakes are unstressful and relaxing, and the colour scheme of orange text and red links is pleasing to the eye. "Living together in harmony", you might say.