I Expect You To Die

by Anthony Schuster


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Easy but fun., July 14, 2011
by calindreams (Birmingham, England)

I managed to complete this game without any hints or a walkthrough which is a rarity for me. As the title suggests, the player will die countless times. It has a nifty feature of automatically restarting you at a point in the game where you can try again. This is quite approprite in the context of this piece.

The premise of the game is that you are an agent trapped in a house where you have to disable the traps. It has a feel of a one-room game, although you navigate around the various sections of the house using standard compass directions (which aren't always perfectly implemented). It has a simple premise, but this is fleshed out as you progress.

Hints to the puzzles are built in to the narrative itself, so it is a good game for beginners. It isn't the most dazzling and original game to introduce someone to interactive fiction, but it has plenty of humour and has a quirky mid-game twist. There is a little game-within-the-game section which I enjoyed and would like to have seen developed more fully.

Some of the puzzles are a little confusing and it is a little buggy in places, but nothing that really impedes the gameplay. The first half of the game is more enjoyable. The second section lets it down a bit. The puzzles in the second half are a bit pedestrian and don't contain the immediacy and excitement of the first part. This is remedied by quite a funny epilogue.

It shouldn't take most people very long to complete it so it might prove an interesting diversion for people, especially, if like me, you like puzzles but aren't very good at them.

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