Eon of the Green

by Miky Kray

Science Fiction

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Not the most accessible fiction., March 18, 2023

Eon of the Green shows you a bunch of trippy visuals and then asks you to interpret them through a sequence of dialogue options.

There aren't many in-game resources that explain what's happening if you don't read the background material on the game's steam page or the publisher's website, you may not understand what you're supposed to be doing.

Even when you DO know that the main character is supposed to be sending their consciousness 1 billion years into the future, you have to work with dense scientific jargon that might be easier to understand with an internet search window open.

The designer put some thought into creating a futuristic environment of suspicion and paranoia with music, visuals, and the user interface. However, the text frequently felt like it was trying too hard.