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by Kumaria Juan Nazhi - Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien

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About the Story

The iKuma Entertainment Incorporated game KBreak is rated M for MATURE for the following content:

Blood and Gore,
Intense Violence,
Realistic Gambling,
Use of Drugs and Alcohol.

You must have at least seventeen years in order to play this game.
This message is backed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, or the ESRB.
The ESRB is not in any way responsible for any illegal behaviours by players of KBreak.
Parental Advisory is Strongly recommended by the ESRB of West Pondicherry, India.

ESRB Description:
KBreak is the first Interactive Fiction game by iKuma Entertainment Incorporated. The goal of the game is to break out of a prisonlike stone cell. In KBreak, you play Kuma' Nazhi', an Indian man who happens to be the ruler of his tribe. The last thing he remembers is having saved his people from a terrible criminal. Then, he passed out. Now, he's in this cell, and, to his knowledge, he never did anything to deserve such a cruel fate. That's where the player comes in. You must use text commands to control Kuma', as well as to manipulate other aspects of the game. The game sounds like a simple Room Escape spinoff, however, there are a lot of nasty descriptions within the game play. Some of these are:

bleeding through the ears,
blood floods,
toe jam floods,
opening the intestines of the remains of a dead butcher and pouring the contents on yourself,
and many more very disturbing features.

The game features obscenely disturbingly elaborate discriptions of murder; as well as semen, blood, feces, toe jam, and other bodily fluids and mutilations. And even though there are no graphics but for the cover page, the descriptions of what occurs in the game are enough even to give a well rounded parent nightmares, and or a heart attack! The only two reasons for which this game was not rated AO for ADULTS ONLY are because it features absolutely no obscene language whatsoever, and because it avoids using the actual names of reproductive organs, activities, and or fluids; instead, it uses the potty training language for these terms.

Site Game Description:
KBreak is the game where you play Kuma' Nazhi', and your mission is to find a way to break out of a cell that you have no idea how you got into. This is an Interactive Fiction game. There are no graphics, except for the cover screen. There are many commands you can use in the game. The most important commands are those regarding cardinal directions: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest. These commands are how you look around, move around, and interact with your environment. Another couple of handy commands are look, which can be abrieviated as l, and examine, which can be abrieviated as x. The game might understand if you enter the whole word look followed by a cardinal direction in its normal spelling, but it will never understand if you spell out examine, and it might not always understand what you are trying to do if you type look followed by a preposition and a subject of interest. Therefore, just typing l w should be enough to tell the game that you wish for Kuma' to look to the west. Likewise, simply typing x self should be enough to tell the game that you would like Kuma' to examine himself. In KBreak, it is important that you not use any punctuation when entering commands; if you do, you shall get no results. It is also worth noting that in this game, you should always enter the name of the place in which you currently stand, followed by a horizontal space, which means a press of the space bar and not enter, and then the command you wish to execute. If you just list the command, the game will either ask you to be more specific by listing where you are before you enter your command, or it will just yield you no results at all. Finally, in this game, you are able to tell Kuma' what he should do by using verbs. Make sure that each verb you use, that requires one, has a target. The target is what you are "doing the verb to." For example, if you wanted to tell Kuma' to hit a wall, hit would be the verb, and wall would be the target. The target is also known as the direct object, for those of you grammar freaks. But this game calls them targets, because it takes up less memory. But yeah, that's what you need to know about playing KBreak. Please enjoy the game; oh yeah, please enter the word cell to start.


Warning: There are a lot of glitches in this game, but it DOES work. Just follow the below directions, and you'll still have a great experience playing this game:

To look north, enter the word lazy
To look northeast, enter the word north.
To look east, enter the word east. Yes, that one works, strangely.
To look southeast, type the word southeast. Strange, that one works too.
To look south, enter the phrase south wall. Well, at least that one kind of works.
To look southwest, enter the word southwest. Weird, sometimes they work, and others no.
To look west, enter the word feature. I know! Random! Right?
To look northwest, enter the abrieviation nw. Yeah, this game has really been acting up lately.

Those are all the glitches that've been noticed so far, but if you find anymore, please let us know, at:(

or at:(

Thank you very much, and please enjoy the game! Oh yeah, and, as mentioned above, please enter the word cell to get started.

Game Details

Language: English (en-IN)
First Publication Date: November 1, 2012
Current Version: 1.9.03
License: Free
Development System: Webs Site Builder: Grow A Site, Grow A Community!
Forgiveness Rating: Mercifully Polite
TUID: kyfgwhahgid8hup9


New Dictionary Coming! December 3, 2012
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