[You wake up itching.]

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Episode 6 of Mystery House Taken Over

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A Smooth Game With A Nice Plot!, September 26, 2009
by Tristano (Italy)

I've found this game really smooth to play and enjoyed a good afternoon playing it untill I solved it.

The plot is good and it unfolds in a manner which keeps enthusiasm to proceede alive. I did not encounter any dead ends so, even though it's easy to die in the game, an undo operation is sufficient to get back to the game and try something else. Puzzles are well made and don't lead to frustrating situations where one gets stuck and worn out. There is an overall logic in the unfolding of the game which makes it rather clear which puzzles have to be solved first in order to proceed and what is expected from the player.

The game is not overwelmingly verbose yet it manages to say all that is needed to know provided you also look carefully at pictures! Some important objects are not mentioned in text descriptions but are to be worked out from the pictures which depict every room. Simple graphics make this game lively.

The game contains many secrets to be discovered - and it's great fun.

The overall plot is long even though the map is not to huge to handle. Basically, whenever you solve a puzzle the whole environment is to be revisited in a new light in order to solve the next one.

There are specific steps to solve the game, but it's order comes natural as you get in the game.

A good adventure if you like to play a game that doesn't get you in frustrating situations; all you need is being patient and resort to the most obvious lexicon implied by the game. Objects names are very well implemented with a good variety of synonims that make it easy to guess the right term to address any object.

Worth playing!