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Superficial, November 22, 2010

A short one-room high concept game dealing with a suicidal teenage girl.

Endings are numerous, ironically killing yourself is much harder than surviving the night. Many or most of the endings can easily be figured out.

My main gripe with this game is that the main character doesn't really have any reason to kill herself. (Spoiler - click to show)Failing to make the cheerleading squad? Her football quarterback (presumably) jock boyfriend takes another girl to the prom? Sigh... Americans; so pathetic. Such a superficial and pathetic character might actually BE better off dead... GET A LIFE Some deeper drama would have been the saving grace of this game.

In summary, not much can be said about this game. Don't expect any originality or philosophical pondering of the single-minded suicide theme. I also would say that the usage of humour is misplaced in a game that is supposed to be dead serious.

Give it a try if you want to experience a game where you can quickly score results by logical thinking. Trying to find all endings might be fun (some are more stupid than others).


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jflower, June 1, 2011 - Reply
This guy is clearly a troll. Look at his rating history mostly one star, inluding for "Lost Pig" "Hunter, in Darkness", "Savoir-Faire", "Galaea", "So Far" and "Blue Chairs".
Markoff23, November 26, 2010 - Reply
no way if never has gotten big with fucking troll assholes like you
Markoff23, November 25, 2010 - Reply
You generalise into the real life.

no I'm not. what I don't like in real life I don't like in a game either

nope, the USA is one of the most hated countries world wide

you thumbed down my review? why am I even answering to you then? what hinders me to go through your reviews and thumb down every one of them?!? just for fuck's sake, because you haven't given any reason how my review would be NOT HELPFUL

fuck empathy, empathy is for the weak and enslaved. only merciless predators survive in this fucked up world. sheeple like you are nothing but prey. by the way, you also piss me off quite a lot

so, gonna thumb down your stupid ass now. fucking asshole.
Markoff23, November 24, 2010 - Reply
"You're making the mistake of vieweing someone else's POV from your own."

I'm viewing the game (or anything!) from my own POV, as that's per definition the only one I have.


An unlikeable, unloyal and otherwise uncharacterized jock is not the plot device your drama should revolve around if you want to succeed in writing anything that that could not have been taken right out of 7th Heaven or any other generic American TV show.

I, the player, bear no sympathy for an unsophistocated protagonist with so obvious misjudgement in companion choosing issues. Stupidity is something I cannot approve of. (in other words, for fuck's sake only love somebody who is worth it!) Story writing 101 should state that one of the most important, maybe the SINGLE most important feature of any story is a protagonist that is likeable and/or interesting. (Most recent Hollywood movies fail to deliver this most basic of points so utterly it's not funny anymore...)


I bear no sympathy for the American society (which is kept stupid and subjugated by the unholy trinity of religion, media and government), rather the opposite. Which doesn't mean that applies to every induvidual, of course. But individuals are, in American society, rather the exception than the rule. Which is a factor definitely not mitigated by portraying bland stereotypes, like in "Suicide".

Ironically, those likely are the same people thumbing down my review, from a statistic viewpoint.

Japanese teens are affected by social rather than peer pressure, mainly. Bullying isn't really peer pressure either (not in case of the victims, anyway). I wouldn't say the Japanese society is any more evolved than the American, but that's straying from the topic.
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