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Suicide review by IF noob, November 12, 2010
by Romulus (Oklahoma - Texas Panhandle)
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I've only played Anchorhead (which was great) and this one. I understand the other reviewer's positions entirely, but I really laughed out loud finding some of the solutions like Out of the Fire and into the Frying Pan. Lol.

If one is playing Suicide to delve into the psychological component of a suicidal teenager, the content is neither deep nor broad so that is why I only rated it worthy of 4 stars; then again, a lot of "suicidal" teenagers aren't too deep nor broad-minded, albeit most think so.

I probably rattled with this game for an hour or so, and that was just about right.

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tggdan3, November 12, 2010 - Reply
I feel like you "got it". The "hint" was in the poetry- every teen girl thinks her poetry is the best thing she ever wrote, but it's always the same thing. Likewise, a lot of girls consider suicide for bad resons "my boyfriend cheated on me" and not for "good" reasons, such as to save the lives of others.
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