A Fable

by Stan Heller


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Buggy and not much to do, December 26, 2013
by Simon Deimel (Germany)

The game has a crazy quilt environment, a common device in surreal settings. Different rooms are patched to each other. It may contribute to a surreal atmosphere, but here it makes navigating the rooms and scenes more difficult. Talking about scenes: they are integrated into static room descriptions, so will happen every single time when the room is entered. That is something which I can live with, maybe even done on purpose. But then the room descriptions (and described scenes) reveal objects again and again when the room is entered, even if the object has been taken or moved into another room, but the thing is not actually there anymore. That is annoying. Which brings us to the next point: The room descriptions contain things and most of them are not implemented as objects, so dealing with them is met with a reply that this object is not existent. Which is frustrating and makes the player wonder if there is a reason to try any interaction.
The basic idea of the game may be fine -- I suppose it deals with a mental landscape of memories -- but the technical side leaves a lot to be desired.