Heroes of Karn

by Ian Gray and Tony Greer


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- NiMuSi (London, UK), April 8, 2015

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One of the better two-word parser style games, October 17, 2007
by Trajectory (Edinburgh, UK)

You always have to factor nostalgia into reviews of old games. This is probably the first text adventure I ever played, so it's inevitable I have a certain fondness for it that might not be justified by the game itself.

It's the usual stuff - castles, monsters, random objects, improbable ways of killing the monsters, of the GET CROSS, KILL VAMPIRE WITH CROSS type. The plot is some nonsense about rescuing various heroes to save the land.

It is, however, superior to the Scott Adams games by far. Whereas I've always felt with the latter that I was receiving responses to my commands by telegram, this game has brief sentences to describe its locations, which are at least slightly evocative:

"Pilgrims' Hill
The path is worn deep by the passing of many travellers driven by the fires of faith."

The graphics on the Spectrum and Amstrad versions are OK - although I remember them taking an age to draw on the original machines.

Unlike other games by the same company, this one doesn't have a maze in it. Worth trying, even if just for a nostalgic look at the simplicity of older games.

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