Frobozz Magic Support

by Nate Cull


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Ah, Nostalgia, December 8, 2007
by Matt Kimmel (Cambridge, MA)

This game is a fun, if somewhat short, romp in the Zork/Enchanter universe. As a novice Frobozz Magic Support employee with pretty much no experience with magic (or anything else in the Zork universe), you'll solve a bunch of entertaining puzzles while attending to some support calls--and maybe, just maybe, solve a bigger problem in the process. The puzzles are coherent and well-realized, with a reasonable number of clues scattered about to guide you through them. While you could theoretically play through the whole game without saving and restoring if you're quick on your feet, it's a little bit too easy to get into situations where you cannot complete the game. Still, for a short trip down memory lane to the old Infocom days, this is a fun and accessible game.