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Openly Facile, May 13, 2021

An HTML-based CYOA diversion stitched together from non-sequiturs. Neither as cruel nor as French as the description suggests. Nevertheless, a source of amusement.

This review uses the P.I.A.N.O. system for reviewing and rating interactive fiction.

Plot compellance = 0.5
It sets out to be nonsensical and amusing, and marginally succeeds at inspiring the player to wonder "What nonsensical and amusing text will be presented next?"

Implementation maturity = 0.5
The options are exactly what they say on the tin, no parser confusion or guess-the-verb frustration (HTML is a forgiving interface in that regard). And while the game features sudden death, one can effectively restore to checkpoints. This mitigates the frustration of an otherwise random sequence of choices and outcomes.

Artfulness in use of the medium = 0.0
There is nothing particularly artful or crafty about the prose or the code.

Net reward = 0.5
I was amused enough by the chaotic narrative choices to replay a few times.

Oh, that certain "je ne sais quoi" = 0.0
This game doesn't have it.

Total: 1.5, rounded up to 2 stars.