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He has pink skin, thinning hair and an audaciously absent Oxford comma.

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"Me? Happily married cis-het father of two! These days, I code for a living and hack by night. I'm also a once and future PhD candidate studying Constructive Theology and Homiletics. Some call me Captain Edgecase. I have a reputation for attracting rare and subtle software errors. And solving them! I promise!"

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"Your money or your life, chummer!" you cry out menacingly.

He turns pale and hands you his wallet. "Easy friend, easy. Mother was right. I really shouldn't talk to strangers..."

> take wallet

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Interactive Fiction by Joshua Wilson

Djinn on the Rocks, by Joshua Wilson (2021)
(12 ratings)
James Merl III is a thrice-cursed pain in your magically imprisoned butt. What are you going to do about it? ...

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NEVER GO TO WORK, by Rani Baker   May 16, 2021
"Slice-of-life Twine adventure with a retro vibe. There is a lack of clear victory conditions and a shiftyness to the layout which may be..." - See the full review

IRL: The Game, by Julia Makivic, Chris Stedman   May 14, 2021
"HTML-based social media simulator that probes the social intersections of digital and material realness. It complements and promotes the..." - See the full review

Secretly French, by Houstonion   May 13, 2021
"An HTML-based CYOA diversion stitched together from non-sequiturs. Neither as cruel nor as French as the description suggests...." - See the full review

RLCraft, by Walter Strouse   April 29, 2021
"While I do agree with my esteemed colleagues that the complete absence of a game here is a daunting obstacle, it raises an intriguing..." - See the full review