Escape The Room

by George Vicarey


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A short diversion again, December 26, 2013
by Simon Deimel (Germany)

This short game is not comparable with the masterpieces of interactive fiction, but I have seen worse. The commands seem a bit arbitrary, because things that should normally be understood don't work. (Spoiler - click to show)I had a code on the paper, but reading it did not work... instead unlocking something was enabled without any further actions. It was not obvious that I did not even have to do something with the code. I think it is due to the structure of the development system -- the writer probably tested his own game by clicking the command panels instead of checking the parser, so the use of the command line has been neglected. Many objects lack a description, they are just "nothing out of the ordinary". There could have been more effort to describe the story world, or in this case the story room.
Furthermore there could have been more of a story. I was not satisfied with the ending, I wished to know why I had been trapped there. But I think this is a general subject of escape-the-room-games: They cast a player into a situation and the story is not important. So not a real disadvantage.