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Curiously Enchanting, May 24, 2013
by octofuzz (Trondheim, Norway)

I am in the middle of a 'home exam' and fancied half an hour of IF.

I found this title on a 'One Room' poll on the site and thought "why not?"

The game is not winnable, unless you really decide to 'call it a day' on the ending that you feel your character deserves. I probably tried out ten or so endings before I felt I had seen enough, but I am sure that curiosity alone will bring me back to it later today.

It really makes you feel the significance of how one action can change the moment, the day, or even your life.

Less a game. more a social experiment in IF.

It is shame in some respects that there is no end goal, but I suppose that take away its charm.

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Danielle, May 24, 2013 - Reply
Once you've played this (and also "Pick Up The Phone Booth and Die"), I highly recommend you play "Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle" for the memetic mutation of this game.
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