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Ricemans view, October 23, 2011
by Riceman
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When I saw this game many of the reviews made it out to be amazing though you only give one command.So I played it and I absolutely hated it.

The game consist of doing one thing in an aisle (Spoiler - click to show) mainly to impress the woman next to you but The game last about 3 min. beacause there are only a handful of actions and there is no way of winning. (Spoiler - click to show) unless you consider getting a hug winning.

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Jim Kaplan, March 27, 2012 - Reply
I fail to understand why you hated this game, given that everything you listed is actually the point.
trojo, October 28, 2011 - Reply
There's a way to (Spoiler - click to show)get the woman to go home with you.
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