Historias de la familia Ferrosa

by Cobra626


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Four tales of a family curse, November 24, 2021
by MathBrush
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This is a Spanish Twine game that is an anthology of 4 stories of a cursed family. It's contained in a framing story where you're in an abandoned house and teenagers are trying to creep you out.

The stories are all different, explaining how a member of the Ferrosa family was cursed.

Each one is fairly well written, but the interactivity is fairly negligible. There are some noticeable typos, and the story just kind of stops at the end. Each of the stories themselves left me wanting a bit more; the only one that felt really complete was the love story with fire. The others felt like a lot of build up with not as much resolution as I would have wanted.

Still, the writing is descriptive and the game is visually interesting.