La Bibliothèque Monde

by Demiurge55


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An entire world and ecosystem contained in a library, March 3, 2023
by MathBrush
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This is a world-building heavy game about an enormous library the size of an entire planet. In it, there are all sorts of bizarre things: living book-creatures, ink serpents, portals and non-Euclidean spaces, etc.

You are exploring it with many other archivists, including your own apprentice.

The structure is essentially a Gauntlet, where you get two choices at a time, one that keeps you alive and one that kills you. I found this a bit frustrating, and most other interaction was either 'next page' or an option to be nice or mean with words. The game ended fairly abruptly after one major event.

All this is balanced by the very cool storybuilding and fun descriptions. So there was a lot to like here as well.