Turbo Chest Hair Massacre

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Saucy Romp

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A lot of fun, September 13, 2022

Turbo Chest Hair Massacre doesn't take itself seriously. The first piece of evidence for this is that it's called Turbo Chest Hair Massacre. The writing is the best part of it (it's Andrew Hussian in spots, which is always welcome) and the worldbuilding (shocking for a game about chest hair, I know) is surprisingly artfully done. The game mechanics are much more about faffing about than actually achieving a goal, but it's entertaining to see what solutions the game lets you attempt and fail at. The last part is extremely fun, largely because it slips the surly bonds of innuendo by making the language so libidinous, the proverbial vicar would know what's up.

Turbo Chest Hair Massacree, they took my baby away from me, but she'll never get out of there, she'll never out of there...