50 Shades of Jilting

by Rowan Lipkovits (as Lankly Lockers)


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Enjoyable but too dense., September 25, 2014
by Katrisa (Houston)

So, you're trying to leave your lover. (The one with the cleverly androgynous name.) You get one move. Or, rather, 50 moves, one per play through. This game is cute and funny. It's even fun for the first few moves. Some of the methods of leaving are clever and left me with a grin. However, each move will net you a few paragraphs of text and, eventually, I wasn't invested in the game enough to do more than skim them. This is where the game falls short. I'm a bit of a completionist, so I kept trying commands (some commands that seem like they should be there aren't while others are rather obscure) until I had about a dozen left but I stopped there. I wasn't even pretending to read the outcomes anymore and it had become a chore trying to guess what I should do next.

Overall, it's fun for the first few moves but the replay value (for me at least) is not what it should be for a one move game. Go ahead and play it in the browser for a little, it'll probably brighten your day. Just be sure to quit when it stops being fresh or you might find yourself trapped in this relationship.