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En la foresto de bonaj esperantaj ludoj..., December 5, 2011
by Joey Jones (UK)
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This is a terrible game qua game. That's okay, because it was just a two hour competition game with mandatory competition elements shoehorned in. It's incredibly easy though I did have trouble with a 'guess the lack of a noun' problem with the last command (Spoiler - click to show)I tried all combinations of 'enter panel', 'crawl into computer', go in computer' etc. when 'enter' was all that was required.

However, if you're learning Esperanto you could do worse than give the translation a play. I played both version simultaneously, and with the simple repetitive language, my vocabulary definitely improved. Fajfeta literally means 'whistle-little-ish', which is a charming way of phrasing 'squeaky'.

Bizarrely enough, in the esperanto version, the last command was well clued and what I tried worked first time. Sadly, there's is no response for:
"Teodor, Saluton!"

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trojo, December 5, 2011 - Reply
Ha... je mia surprizo, almenaux unu tekstaventuro ja ekzistas en Esperanto. Nun ni nur bezonas esperantan etendajxon, kiu gxuste uzas la akuzitivon. Aux eble tion mi mem kreu. Hm.
Joey Jones, December 7, 2011 - Reply
Vi devu! Mi, kvankam mi estas komencanto, uzus esperanton etendajxon, estus gxi ekzisti...
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