Flawed Addendum

by Jalbum


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Not again., August 30, 2009

Sigh. Yet another adventure where I am totally stuck in the first two rooms. I have a coin, a key, and a screwdriver; and am facing 3 locked doors that my key does not fit.

Presumably the author wants me to try every possible verb on every possible object until something, for no logical or foreshadowed reason, works. Sorry.

I have no idea whether the entire puzzle takes place in these 2 rooms, or whether it's a giant adventure with hundreds of rooms waiting once I get past the door. Clue us in a little, authors. If it's a one-room puzzle, indicate that.

This is not fun.

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Ryusui, September 13, 2009 - Reply
You're right. It's not fun.

Fortunately, your fears that this is some beginner effort with abstract and arbitrary puzzle solutions are purely unfounded. This is a beginner effort with perfectly logical and sensible (but slightly underimplemented) puzzle solutions.

It's not an objectively terrible game, but it's too vacuous to really entertain.
David Welbourn, August 30, 2009 - Reply
It's a short game, but not as short as two rooms. There are (Spoiler - click to show)six rooms, plus one more for the ending. Also, I suggest you examine your "coin"; it's actually called a disc in the game and not a coin at all.
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