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- Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania), May 31, 2023

- Elizabeth DeCoste (Canada), April 11, 2020

- draziwfozo, September 2, 2019

- Xavid, December 2, 2017

- nosferatu, September 19, 2016

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Dunnet is old school *nix fun , July 6, 2013

Dunnet is reminiscent of old school IF games such as Zork. It's a quick play and interesting.
The most appealing aspects of Dunnet are its novel little quirks. It integrates the use of basic Unix, FTP, and DOS commands in a fun way. It's a bit like exploring the pre-1995 Internet within the context of a Zork-like game.
The Unix commands are relatively simple - though the player is expected to know 'ls' without being told and figure out others using that information. Similarly, the player is expected to know the DOS commands 'type' without any support.
More attentive players should be able to map the maze. It would help if there was a 'verbose' setting. Be sure to use 'look' after each move in the maze.
Players should save frequently. It may be necessary to restore if any objects are destroyed. The player will have to use trial and error to figure out where to place the treasures - there are multiple drop off points through out the game.

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