Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy

by Ron Martinez and Jim Gasperini

Episode 2 of Star Trek
Science Fiction

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Drab, but better than its predecessor, June 21, 2020

The good news: This game is better than Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative.
The bad news: That's not saying much.

Unlike its predecessor, Promethean Prophecy doesn't try to redefine the genre, sticking with a basic windowed text interface. The game starts before the back-of-box blurb events happen so your Chapter 1 is essentially just working through the linear events necessary to put the main game in motion. This plotline plays off a better episode of the original series but doesn't break much new ground.

Once complete, the main game does its best to justify the relatively small map and constrained environments of the game. There's an interesting story in here, but it's masked behind some unintuitive puzzles and an assortment of items defined so much by color and shape that it feels like Starcross and Suspended had a baby.

The player (and crew of the Enterprise) are meant to be in a situation that looks bleak, but somehow the game also ends up being drab, and there's an important distinction.