An Open Field

by Chris Daniels


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- Stickz (Atlanta, Georgia), June 23, 2010

- Danielle (The Wild West), March 30, 2010

- Ghalev (Colorado, United States), March 25, 2010

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Not quite expected..., March 25, 2010
by Ziixxxitria (California)

Finding what was meant to happen was a bit frustrating. When most of it relied on noticing things and not everything listed in a room was described, it was rather jarring. The flow of the story and small similarities between scenes makes me think the author meant something profound, but I couldn't say what, and for it to have more effect I would want more information or attachment to the character.

I think I only got through one spot without being terribly frustrated is that I (Spoiler - click to show) regularly >x me as a reflex. I was disappointed in the ending that was more prose than further action. It was okay for a first game, but I would not replay it, nor recommend it to anyone.

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Spartan Meets Guess-the-Action, February 26, 2010
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

This game begins with an abundance of purple prose and/or spartan implementation. You are lying down, but you can't get up. You have a basket (which contains things) yet you can't open it. You can't move in any directions, so you're left to just try things at random until something happens. That's annoying. If there are preferred courses of action, it's the designer's responsibility to guide players towards them -- unless ticking off the player is the point, and this game isn't purposefully one of Those Games.

I eventually gave up trying to guess what I was supposed to do next, because the game just didn't have enough hooks to keep me interested. It was missing foreshadowing, clues, plot, and had very little emotion. I realize that sounds harsh, but it's more a statement said with a sigh than a landscape-wasting nuke. Maybe taking a look at how stories work and why they work will help for the next effort.

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Disconcerting?, February 24, 2010
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)

What is disconcerting about this game is that it makes no effort whatsoever to provide any coherence to the narrative: it flows like regurgitated text completely oblivious to what came before and the ending is abrupt and as non-sense as the rest.

This puzzleless game is very short, it was entered in the JayIsGames IF Escape competition. It is all about tinkering with some of the things described until the next scene comes up. One particular tinkering is non-obvious and, *MINOR SPOILER AHEAD!*, involves the player wanting to know more about herself.

I hope the author takes this as constructive criticism and provides a far better experience the next time.

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