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Life on Mars?, October 17, 2021

In this sci-fi game, a simulated protagonist undergoes an astral projection experience and becomes tasked with getting back to the original universe to make a decision that could free everyone.

The writing is enjoyably trippy and creates a nice sense of place, as do the computer-generated images. When proceeding through the piece, I felt transported to life on Mars, astral-projecting into different spaces, and wrestling with questions of existence in a simulation.

Oddly, the choice structure of the piece felt a bit like an add-on rather than a core part of the experience. Thereís some navigation to different locations, and some quizzes whose impact I didnít understand. This is coupled with a somewhat disjointed quality to the narrative as a whole, which left me confused (though not unpleasantly so). Iím left wondering how the piece would read with less interactivity, say as dynamic fiction where the vibes could just wash over the reader a bit more.