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Interesting story, but needs polish, July 23, 2019

This isn't really a review, more like first impressions combined with a bug report.

I found the game really interesting and emotional. I liked the protagonist and had a lot of fun trying to (Spoiler - click to show)be as nice and gentle a golem as possible (at the same time dreading I may go down the same road Frankenstein's creature did).

However, the technical side prevented me from really enjoying the game. There were some spelling mistakes, but much worse were the bugs. I found a passage where one of the possible choices didn't work because of some missing formatting (I saw the link name - passage name Twine structure instead of a functioning link). I found a place where I could raise my stats indefinitely (Spoiler - click to show)(during the conversation with the soldier on the road, by asking him the questions over and over again). Finally, I ended in a passage with no links to go forward (Spoiler - click to show)(during the first conversation with the duke in his throne room) and stopped playing.

I'm not rating the game yet because it definitely needs some testing. The story has potential, but I couldn't rate it high right now because of the technical issues. When the game gets updated, however, I'll gladly give it another try.

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Linus Ersson, July 31, 2019 - Reply
Thank you. I will look into it. :)
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