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No second chances, September 22, 2011
by Deboriole (San Diego, CA)

I enjoyed this game to a point. That point came when I became completely stuck and had to look at a walkthrough. Turns out I missed one opportunity and therefore could never solve the game. There was no indication that I was hopelessly stuck, so I rambled about for an hour until finally throwing in the towel. That did not make me very happy! There could be a simple solution to this...

(Spoiler - click to show)I really wish the helicopter would have come around again... I failed to look out the window in the two turns I had, and was not able to finish the game as a result.

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Edward Lacey, January 8, 2013 - Reply
I think some optional commands in the walkthrough may have misled you. (Spoiler - click to show)It's not necessary to look out of the window when you hear the helicopter, and this was probably only suggested this because you get an interesting response if you try to open shade.
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