And so the world did end

by Giggling_Kiste


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- Simon Deimel (Germany), July 14, 2015

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Short, simple, October 22, 2013
by streever (America)

This is a short & simple CYOA web-text game.

It is dark--very dark--but I wouldn't call it a "mystery"--there didn't seem to be any clues/puzzles to unravel. Mostly you are reading the authors thoughts.

I think this would have been better as a parser based-game, with even mild hunting about for things (think "Gone Home")--in general, more elements that shared the narrator's emotional states/thoughts about life pre-event would have made this game stronger. The game feels more like a context-less story you tell someone about an emotional dream you had: the point is the emotional impact the dream had on you, but the listener may not understand the impact without the context.

The author is bi-lingual and occasionally the English suffers; the story seems to be more of an atmospheric piece sharing the emotions and thoughts of someone struggling with depression/loneliness. I would encourage the author to add more memories to the game--what was the world like pre-event for the character? Who were their family members? Even a photograph of her parents with a description would improve this.

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