How to Build a Dragon at the End of Time

by Ken Liu


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Tiny, haunting, beautiful, March 17, 2022

The title of this game promises much, and it mostly delivers. This is, in a way, a one-move game. You simply have to select the components for your dragon and then launch it. Most combinations don't work, and you must try again until you find the right combination.

The writing is terse but excellent. The surreal setting is evoked well, and the descriptions of the available components are rather beautiful. A nice element is that once you have launched the dragon, any components you didn't use go on to interact with each other as the cosmos itself is reborn. The game describes both how the components of the dragon interact with each other and what the other items do. It's surreal but has its own strange logic.

It's a very short game, and probably won't take many tries to complete, but the prose and imagery may linger for much longer.