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Ah so many IF tropes in one bundle, May 13, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

Here you are, stuck in your cubicle, alone. You have abandonitus, as you cannot get in contact with anyone in your office. And you can't leave your office. And you have 1/2 hour to go and you're bored. And you need to look around for things to manipulate so that you can accomplish little goals.

Luckily the coffee machine acts as a hint box.

The game is very fun and challenging. It doesn't get too hard, though, since there are hints. The hints themselves almost require some puzzle solving, as they come in the form of a hallucination you have.

The game has some interesting functions, such as folding paper into various origamis, or mimeing to people to far away to hear you.

The puzzles come at you one at a time, and the game rewards you (in the form of easter eggs) for doing standard "ESCAPE THE ROOM" tropes (such as looking underneath things).

The game is very challenging, since the room isn't very well described. Well, it is well described, but not all the available manipulatable objects are easily identified as such. For example, there are 3 cubicles, but you don't know how to refer to them until you say go to cubicle, at which point the game asks you which one you refer to.

The game has some conversation bits that are more like cut-scenes, as your choice of words has no bearing on what happens, and the game overrrides your ability to say your chosen phrase by having you interrupted or saying nothing instead.

Still, I am a fan of these puzzle based games, and I found this very fun, if challenging.

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