Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits)

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Moving-in sim

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A Carefully-Constructed Vignette, December 6, 2020
by Joey Acrimonious
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Academic Pursuits (As Opposed to Regular Pursuits) is a very smooth, very well-polished, bite-sized parser game that takes a fairly simple scheme and executes it wonderfully. The task that awaits the player in-game is, more or less, rote. Itís not a puzzle to be figured out, nor is it a series of decisions that have much of an effect on the course of the plot. Instead, itís a series of opportunities to experience a moment in the life of the protagonist, and gradually piece together a picture of whatís going on (beyond the immediately obvious).

In some key respects, Academic Pursuits has the qualities of a slice-of-life work. Youíre playing a moment in time. The focus is on the internal life of the protagonist: what she thinks, feels, and remembers as she goes about the work of arranging her things. But thereís also a bit more to it than that. Within this moment in time, there are enough surprises, enough mysteries, and enough spiciness to keep it quite interesting. Put it all together, and it works beautifully.

Everything in this game is made with care; most everything a player might do is met with interesting and satisfying responses that convey a rich attention to detail.

The only thing I didnít like about Academic Pursuits is that there isnít more of it. Take your time, explore all that there is to explore, and youíll see a fascinating vignette unfold before your eyes.