Saint Simon's Saw

by Samuel Thomson


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A unity game with 3d cards similar to the Tarot, October 8, 2020
by MathBrush
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This unity game is more of a reimagining of a tarot deck than anything else, like the text describes.

Itís a 3d game with responsive physics. You can pick up a card, place it in the correct spot (or just slop it around), flip it over, flip it over part way.

Cards can be placed in four different positions, and then the game will register the full reading for you.

Itís an impressive use of the 3d engine and the art is great. As a purely narrative game, I didnít feel a strong emotional connection to the cards or the readings. But this will almost certainly be the most technically impressive game I play in this comp

+Polish: Immensely polished.
-Descriptive: I found the card meanings and descriptions fairly vague.
+Interactivity: Smooth and nice 3d interactions.
-Emotional Impact: I felt distanced from the messages of the cards.
-Would I play again? I'm not sure what I could find in it more than I have. Although to be fair I was always leery of Tarot, which this resembles.

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samuelthomson, February 7, 2021 - Reply
Hello MathBrush, thanks for leaving a review. I'm currently re-writing the card descriptions in preparation for a mobile release and I wanted to ask whether you could expand on your response about not feeling a strong emotional connection to the cards, and feeling distanced by their messages. I'd be particularly interested to know about any similar experiences (or non-similar experiences) that you did enjoy or feel connected to, either in this competition or elsewhere.

Also, whilst it might be harder to say what was absent from the writing, if there was anything present that specifically turned you off, that would be good to know.

Thanks again for the review.
MathBrush, February 8, 2021 - Reply

A similar experiences I had in this competition that I did feel slightly more connected to was The Minor Arcana, which featured a tarot-style deck but with more narrative.

A broader game utilizing tarot-like mechanics as part of a larger structure was Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.

I'm not a fan of the tarot in general, so I may be impossible to please.

What I felt absent from the text was heart. The descriptions use large words and abstract situations. I'd prefer more figurative or metaphorical language with simple words. I can't guarantee that others would feel the same way.
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