The Finders Commission

by Deborah Sherwood


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Fun Twine puzzler, November 20, 2023

I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed by this game at first; the worldbuilding felt a bit bizarre and random for whatís essentially a museum heist story. But once I got into the puzzley portion I was hooked. Itís easy to locate the item you need to liberate from this museum, but less easy to acquire and escape with it.

The gameplay reminded me of the Lady Thalia gamesóexplore, find useful items/info, heist, escape. The game does a good job at creating tension, with an officer following you around to keep an eye on you, appearing and disappearing as you traverse the rooms, and at creating a sense of time passing, with the security office going from occupied at first visit to unoccupied at later ones. The achievements at the end make it clear that there are multiple methods for escaping detection, and that itís possible to succeed at the job but incriminate yourself in the process. All of this added a great amount of complexity and made for a fun game! (Another note: youíll find an in-game map, which is niceóI had thought about drawing a map at first, but then I was glad I didnít bother.)

I do have some nitpicks; I found the (brief) dialogue section rather clunky, and didnít buy the supposed romantic chemistry between the PC and their conversation partner. And then there were some elements that felt set up to have an impact on gameplay, but didn't seem to in the end, such as choosing your character at the start, and the list of locations to go other than the museum. But I certainly had fun solving the puzzles and will gladly play any future games in this series!

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